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The Jersey Care Federation (JCF) was set up in 2000 for the purpose of establishing and building a working relationship between the Independent and Public Sector care industry. Codes of Practice and a Constitution were set in place and the requirement for it’s members to be registered with the Public Health Department.


The current membership of the JCF is made up of organisations from across the Independent Care Sector in Jersey. Representation is from private locally owned Care Homes and Home Care providers, UK owned Care Homes, Parochial and Charitable organisations, Nursing and Care Agencies. Our officers are democratically elected from within the membership. Annual subscriptions are used for the good of the members, most recently purchasing IT equipment and for subsiding educational courses. The care provision is fully inclusive striving to provide personalised Nursing, Residential, Home Care, Day Care and Outreach support to individuals and their families across the community. 

The diversity of care provision from our membership underpins the importance of adults being enabled, maintaining control of their lives, and being supported to make choices in the care they wish to receive. Our members recognise that support for families and loved ones of service-users is vital for the wellbeing of everyone, and this is reflected in the comprehensive service provision.


Home Care and Care Home members work in conjunction with Public Sector Departments to provide individualised and flexible care packages.  Service users can be self funding, in receipt of the Long Term Care Benefit, or Social Security funded. Regular meetings with the Social Security Department and Health & Social Services officers were held at the inception and throughout the implementation of the Long Term Care Benefit Strategy.

We have regular monthly meetings, where Social Security Department and H&SS senior officers join us on a regular basis. Guest speakers from established and newly formed companies are given the opportunity to make presentations to the membership.

We are recognised as a credible and innovative Federation with representation from the JCF on Steering Boards working to improve and develop key strategies for community care across the Island.


Members are invited to take part in Road Shows and Career Festivals as we recognise the importance of training the current and future workforce to attain qualifications and Credit Framework levels of qualifications to provide appropriate and safe care. With this in mind, we have been consulted along with others, and attended workshops held by Public Health on the new Care Law. The population is growing and the demographics clearly show the complex needs of the older and vulnerable within the community is increasing.  Highlands College and Senior Schools Students have placements at JCF Homes as do The Duke of Edinburgh Award and Trident Students with Mentors and Facilitators from the host home. We have in the past worked in partnership with Highlands College to develop a care assistant training programme.

Members provide accredited foundation training programmes for care assistants and Overseas Nurses, the latter working toward gaining their registrations with the Nursing & Midwifery Council and Public Health Department and / or Health and Social Services Approved Provider Framework.


Jersey Care Federation Constitution 2016 (PDF)

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Our members range from single owner care homes to larger groups. Membership is open to all registered Jersey care providers.

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