Glanville Residential Home

Glanville Residential Home is the terracotta building at the St. Saviour end of St. Mark’s Road with car parking, close to town and easily accessible for visitors.  Known for its homely, tranquil atmosphere, providing 24 hour care for our ladies. We are proud to have been recognised by the States of Jersey and have been certified as Approved Providers of care home and respite services.

Glanville was first established in 1860, a non-profit making charitable association that has been caring for ladies for over 150 years. The home has two lounges, a dining room and a new conservatory.  

The beautifully maintained grounds include rose, fruit and vegetable gardens which provide fresh produce for the home, where all meals are cooked on site. 

Regular entertainment and outings are available including a wide range of activities, suited to all capabilities.

We pride ourselves on our excellence, employing highly trained care assistants whose skills are regularly developed, updated and appraised to ensure they are working to their highest potential. Our client’s safety and well-being are what matter most.

Treating all residents as individuals, respecting their rights and privacy, while maintaining dignity and fully supporting their independence is at the core of our values.  Working with agencies and professionals to provide a comprehensive pathway of care, States of Jersey, GPs, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, District Nurses and Jersey Hospice. At Glanville every resident, including their families, are made to feel at home, with the staff to offer comfort, security and friendship.

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St Mark's Rd, Jersey JE2 7LD


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